Tourist Attractions

Strawberries Farm

To discover the meaning of relaxation, check out this green wonderland which is a total weekend escape! Strawberry picking has become one of the jovial activities among the families and friends recently. Enjoy the ripen smell of berries and handpicking fun where you can definitely spend a tranquil moments with the loved ones.
Note: Strawberry season generally begins in December to April depending on the weather.

Location:Tin Kwong Po Tsuen, Sheung Shui
Getting there:50K or 51K took off at Tin Kwong Po and walk 1 minute
KMB bus 76K at Choi Yuen Road Bus Stop, after departing at Kam Tsin
Village bus stop

Liu Man Shek Tong Ancestral Hall

As one of the declared monuments in Hong Kong, it is built in 1751 by the prosperous Liu ancestors. Established with a typical three-hall two-courtyard building is richly embellished with plaster moudings, wood carvings and murals of auspicious motifs and pictures.

Location:Mun Hau Tsuen, Sheung Shui
Getting there:Take KMB 73K at bus terminus and depart at Sheung Shui Wai stop on Jockey Club Road

Tsung Pak Long Hakka Walled Village

The historical Tsung Pak Long Hakka Walled Village is one of the best-preserved wall villages in the New Territories. The 10-feet high walls served to protect villages from bandits’ assaults. It is a wonderland that d worth to visit for heritage shooting!

Location:Tsung Pak Long, Sheung Shui
Getting there:Take KMB76K at Choi Yuen Road bus stop; depart at Tsung Pak Long bus stop and walk 10 minutes

Hau Ku Shek Ancestral Hall

Hau Ku Shek Ancestral Hall was built in the late Ming dynasty, a declared monument since 2003, you will be impressed by its aesthetic establishment. The hall was delicately embellished with curled-up end roof ridges, camel’s humps and tie beams. It preserves an around-all auspicious motif preciously reflecting Hong Kong’s culture.

Location:Ho Sheung Heun, Sheung Shui
Getting there:Take minibus 51K a bus erminus and depart at Hau Ku Shek Ancestral

Hung Shing Temple

The Hung Shing Festival falls on the 13th day of the second lunar month. There will be particularly jovial celebrations for this festival in the temple and area nearby, including a traditional procession, Chinese opera, Big Bowl Feast and floating parade.

Location:Ho Sheung Heung, Sheung Shui
Getting there:Take minibus 51K at bus terminus and depart at Hung Shing Temple