Free Parking Privileges

Terms and Conditions

1. All free parking privileges are exclusive for The Point members only, including mall’s free parking privilege by spending or by bonus points, UnionPay Parking Offer & SHKP Club Star Member Parking Offer.

2. Once the free parking hours are redeemed, they can only be used for the current parking visit. It cannot be reserved for future use. Redeemed free parking hours to be used on the redemption day only.

3. Free parking privilege by spending can only be redeemed for once by one private vehicle during the period of 9am - 10pm every day, based on entry time.

4. Valid parking ticket together with Octopus, other credit cards or contactless carplate must be presented at L2 Customer Care Centre for privilege redemption before leaving the carpark.

5. Each vehicle is limited to a maximum of 5 hours of free parking per entry, regardless of the quantity and type of offer redeemed.

6. If parking time exceeding redeemed parking hour(s), patron will settle extra hour payment based on hourly rate. Unless otherwise specified, parking for less than 1 hour will be counted as 1 hour.

7. An administration fee of HK$50 together with the hourly parking fee in accordance with the entry time of system record will be charged for any lost ticket, Octopus, or other credit cards.

8. Shoppers can redeem free parking privilege upon designated spending amount by electronic payment (maximum 2 same-day machine-printed receipts with corresponding electronic payment slips from different merchants). Spending amount of each receipt must be HK$100 or above.

9. Each eligible machine-printed receipt and electronic payment receipt can redeem the above privilege once only. Unless otherwise specified, free parking privileges cannot be exchanged for cash nor used in conjunction with other offers (except the registration of bonus points in The Point).

10. Same-day machine-printed receipt should bear the shop name, transaction date and amount. Receipts of the following are not eligible to register for parking redemption: Apple Store; travel agencies and cross-border buses; property agencies; fitness and beauty centers; elderly homes; medical and dental/clinic services; carwash, car care services, automotive products and related service or the purchase of parking cards; kiosks, exhibition venues and temporary exhibition booths / Pop Up Stores (this merchant list is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. For details, please contact SHKP Malls); tenants in office buildings; hotels; banking services; insurance premiums; money exchange shops; tuition/membership/any other monthly fees; the purchase or topping-up of Octopus cards; value-added or payment services; mail, fax, email or phone orders; online shopping (except online purchase of movie tickets); telecommunication fees or purchase of calling cards; purchase of tickets, such as mall events or concert tickets, admission tickets to Ma Wan Park Noah’s Ark or sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck; trade-in transactions or product redemptions; purchase of SHKP Malls Gift Card; purchase and use of cash coupons, gift cards, gift certificates, Point Dollar, SHKP Mall Gift Certificates; e-coupons; gift cards; membership cards, bonus point cards, discount cards or value-added cards, shoe coupons, soup coupons, drink coupons, food coupons, cake cards and wedding coupons (including but not limited to cake cards, Chinese bridal cake cards, wedding vouchers and wedding coupons);purchase of gold grains, bars or deposits for gold saving club, payments settled by cash; payments with a handwritten, reprinted or photocopied receipt and payment slip; cancelled or returned transactions; or other non-eligible transactions.

11. Eligible electronic payments are limited to credit cards, EPS, debit cards, Apple Pay, BoC Pay, Google Pay, PayMe, Samsung Pay, UnionPay Mobile QuickPass, UnionPay QR Code, WeChat Pay, Alipay or other stored value facilities under the regulatory supervision of the “Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance” (Cap. 584) (including but not limited to SHKP Malls Gift Card, Octopus, Octopus Wallet, Tap & Go and TNG Wallet).

12. Each redemption can only apply to one single parking ticket, Octopus, or other credit cards.

13. Registration of free parking privilege must be completed at Customer Care Centre before leaving the carpark. Payment of parking fee will be made at the gate, according to the departure time.

14. No refund can be provided after payment of parking fee. Redemption of parking privilege may affect eligibility to exchange / refund of goods subject to individual shop’s policy. Please approach the shop for detail policy.

15. Metropolis Plaza reserves the right to recall the free parking privilege if customer obtains a refund from their purchase.

16. No forges / false / illegal acquired / unofficial receipt is accepted for redeeming free parking privilege. Shopper may incur criminal liability for any case found.

17. All staff from Metropolis Plaza and mall tenants are not eligible to enjoy free parking privilege and not allowed to redeem on behalf of shoppers.

18. Free parking privilege is bounded by Terms and Conditions, please refer to in-mall promotional materials for details. The above regulations are subject to change, without prior notice.

19. Metropolis Plaza reserves the right to change or amend the offers, terms and conditions without any prior notice. In case of dispute, the decisions of Metropolis Plaza shall be final.